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Hi. I’m Josue, a software developer from Moscow, Idaho. Please take a look around!

I offer complete software design and development including graphics and branding work. I specialize in creating beautiful custom-built applications for clients ranging from individuals and small-businesses all the way to large enterprise corporations. All of my work is produced locally from Moscow, Idaho. What would you do if you had a software expert available at your fingertips?

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark on the world.


Brickout is a small replica of the classic Atari game, Breakout

Pablo & Ruiz

Pablo & Ruiz is a sidescroller game about a cat named Pablo and a guitar named Ruiz as they travel through the world trying to rescue the world from the evil chihuahua, Ragú

The Horror of Angkor

The Horror of Angkor is a horror game based in Angkor Wat powered by the Unreal Engine. It revolves around an ancient monster hidden in an underground temple who you must avoid while collecting 4 Golden Idols to escape.


Cyrus is an intelligent spoken-dialogue assistant used to query databases in natural language using NLP, lemmatization, and Levenshtein Distance algorithms to determine intent using any drop-in database.

ITiCSE 2018

Wrote and submitted a paper to the ITiCSE 2018 conference in Cyprus on algorithms to convert natural spoken language queries to SQL with no restrictions of sentence structure. It covers wildcard, selection, projection, join, aggregate, and division queries and has a sample iOS implementation.

Fluent Programming Languages

It takes a lot to be a software expert in this market. See why my clients keep coming back over and over again.

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